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Shitpit Shitpit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

It was an interesting concept that I don't see very often (The dodging thing, yes, but the combination of the wackiness was cute). The controls were fairly solid, the momentum physics seemed almost unnecessary for this game though.

One thing I noticed was that I occasionally had a glitch occur where the the "hard" poop would glitch on the top of the drop and stop other poop from falling (Yes, I exploited the glitch when I got it. :P)

My only real complaints come from the shortness of the game, as well as the terrible ending. It left you upset and unhappy.

The last thing that comes to mind is I feel as if there should be a countdown or something between days. Sometimes I'd go into a level to immediately get respawned multiple times, until I understood what was going on. Having constant deaths consequentially isn't very fun.

Overall, I find this game very fun, and would love to see more done with it! Great job!

Attack of The Land Shark Attack of The Land Shark

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm not programming, but... Here's what I noticed playing this; Instead of telling you "dis sux lul 0 score".

-The green "shark" has a full 8-point movement track, while the shark you play as has only a 4. The people have this 4 path as well. Due to this, I noticed avoiding the green one was very difficult.

-Hearing this was made in 2 days makes me sympathetic. In a short time, this is a good effort... but it IS lacking. I'm still keeping in mind about the quickness of the production.

-In some locations (I.E Russia) the people blend into the backgrounds making it very hard to see.

-As many people have stated, clicking in to move your shark is a huge issue.

Overall: I've seen your comments to people and I want to say that this is a good start. You're learning the ropes and you're beginning to understand how game mechanics work. This is the beginning for you, and it does need work. I'd love to see more things from you later on.

Good luck!